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Mistress Mya

Professional Dominatrix

About Me 

I am a quiet sadist with a wicked sense of humour, being worshipped by My carefully selected, well trained slaves is My favourite thing in the World!

The time spent with Me is not a quick fix, I plan My sessions with care and commitment. I am into many things, from light spanking to wrestling and I'm always happy to take time and explore new fetishes, so whatever it is you have in mind, don't be scared to tell me! 
As well as making our time spent together an unforgettable fun experience, My number one priority is your safety.


If you're not quite sure where to start, I can think of a thousand different ways to play: training you to be a good puppy, putting on pretty clothes and having a girls' night in (or out), spending all your money you worked so hard for, pouring hot wax all over your body and punishing you if you dare to scream... 

I will particularly be happy to humiliate you in public and show the world how pathetic you truly are - nothing entertains Me more than seeing your cheeks (and ass cheeks) blush! 

To get booked in for a session I expect you to make an effort: you will send Me a nice, long email with all the details of what you have in mind - obviously you will be very polite, address Me as Mistress at all times and will not make any spelling mistakes.

I mainly work from a beautifully equipped play space in Milton Keynes, click here to see pictures!

Once you have proved you are worthy of My attention I will get in touch to schedule a session.

Together we will step into the castle of your deepest, darkest desires and turn them into reality. Are you ready?

couples boudoir - julia winter studio--129_edited.jpg
You want to be owned, humiliated, tied up and teased... Whatever it is you're looking for...
Aren't you lucky you found me?

You May Get In Touch


length of session

experience if you have any
likes and dislikes if you know
details of your fantasies and what you expect from the session

inappropriate and misspelt emails will be ignored

I plan my sessions with care and take time to research and explore your fetishes, so whatever you have in mind, don’t be scared to tell me - it will help Me to get the most out of the time we spend together and turn your deepest, darkest desires into mind-blowing reality.

You're mine. 😈

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