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It's been a while since my last blog post, so here we go. This one's about filming.

Every now and again I like to arrange filming sessions - it's not only custom clips I film, but also videos for my own entertainment. Nothing cheers me up on a rainy day like watching y'all pathetic worms crawling beneath my feet!

I usually have a third person recording, so if you're thinking about participating make sure you are prepared to be ridiculed in front of another person - I'm sure for someone as pathetic as you that won't be an issue.

During these sessions my subs are required to wear masks, as I don't want their ugly faces ruining my videos.

The location depends on what we have planned for the session - it could be at a dungeon, hotel or out in public.

Things I'm looking to record in the near future:

  • Sissy maid, feminisation

  • Bondage

  • Corporal punishment

  • Foot/body worship

  • Hot wax massage

  • Puppy play

Get in touch if you want the whole world to see what a kinky, filthy slut you are. 😘

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