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A few of My lovely loyal slaves have asked how much it costs Me to attend sessions - every Domme's dream, slaves who care; this post also might be useful to someone thinking about doing Domme work. So here's the answer in a nutshell.

When you pay tribute, you don't just pay for My time spent with you.

It also includes My time planning your session and travelling there, getting prepared before and packing up after.

I usually don't mind travelling far (anything over 45 minutes), as long as the session booked is at least three hours and I charge extra for my time driving.

I pay for hiring dungeons - the ultimate goal is to own a playspace sometime within the next few years. 🙂 And when I'm on tour, I'm paying for two hotel rooms: one for me and one for my security.

The only time I don't have to pay for a space is when I visit My slaves in their hotel rooms, or occasionally their homes - but that's a privilege only few that I trust have.

In addition - and this is to all future Dommes - it costs thousands (and a lot of time) to train to a professional level, which is VERY important to prevent unwanted injuries, psychological damage and to be taken seriously. Plus outfits, plus equipment - and if you want them to last, you will need to get good quality, and that isn't always cheap.

And there you have it: the reason we love slaves who care and understand, and willing to pay these costs so we can keep more of the tribute.

Also, a well trained slave with good manners obviously doesn't turn up without a gift. 😉

I hope this post helped you understand better how the money side of it works; future Dommes, good luck!

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