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Not a quick fix

This post is to all future slaves playing with the idea of becoming a submissive, but just need that bit of a kick.

Although it might seem scary to book that first session, I guarantee you it will be one of the most exciting things you will ever do, and the lifestyle quickly becomes addictive and part of your everyday life.

May that be Me or another Mistress, make sure you choose someone you can see yourself worshipping for the rest of your life, because I'm telling you, these sessions are not a quick fix.

Like any relationship, a Domme/sub relationship needs to be built, it requires time, effort and the right attitude from both Mistress and slave.

A five minute phone conversation is a great start and once you feel like you have chemistry and you have found the right person, book that session!

There is so much to learn, so much to explore and the list of things to try is endless.

Your bond between you and your Mistress will be one of the strongest relationships you will ever have - after all She will be the one making your darkest dreams come true in a secret world the two of you create!

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